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We develop software that’s customised to work in all sorts of clinics and practices. 

Easy to use systems, including:

  • databases - desktop, intranet, internet

  • clinical research systems

  • modifications to existing Access systems

  • upsizing existing Access databases to SQL server or web applications.

Software development

Our network of specialist software developers are experienced in:

Online surveys & data collection

Let us take the pain out of organising online surveys, questionnaires, scheduling and other data collection. We can get these up and running for you in no time, and run them for as long as you need.


Depending on what you need, we can email you the responses as they come in, or we can provide monthly analysis reports (Excel) with charts and detailed responses.

Database remediation

Bulletproof your in-house Access database.

This is a service whereby we give your  in-house developed Access database a professional makeover.  You pick from a range of options, we quote for making the changes.

If your current system can’t handle many users, lacks security, runs slowly, has no support and doesn’t meet your IT or corporate standards – we can help.


We take your Access database and wrap it in our industrial strength framework for maximum ease, effectiveness and security. With Bulletproof you’ll enjoy:

  • reliable systems that work every time

  • happier staff with better tools

  • confidence in a safe, secure system.


Options include:

  • Allow for multiple users

  • Speed & performance tuning

  • Security & user roles

  • Reporting

  • Integrate with Office for mail merge, emailing, reminders, Excel reporting

  • Integrate with textCare for reminder and other SMS messaging

  • Branding

  • Healthcare options (NHI validation and linking to demographics / events)

  • Support and maintenance

  • Upsizing to SQL Server

Research / study systems

We have developed numerous clinical research and study systems, including web based and on-site databases.

These can be short or long term, and can be developed according to your budget.

Non-healthcare systems

We also develop custom systems for clients outside the healthcare industry.

Some examples include a counsellor management system, an intepreter booking system and a project management financial system.

Get in touch to find out more.

How much does it cost for a custom built system?

Like many things in information technology, it depends. We normally equate buidling software to building a house: it depends on

  • how big will it be

  • complexity

  • what functions are required

  • how many people

  • where will it be located

  • how much maintenance will it need

  • ... and so on


As a general guideline, we build custom systems for these ballpark prices:

Once we get a clear understanding of the scope and complexity of the system, we can provide a firm quote.

For complex systems, we recommend a small prototype database is built. This lets us:

  • clarify the boundaries of the system, its context, the flows of data, external interfaces and reporting requirements

  • make sure the underlying database design is sound

  • mock up data entry screens and reports / interfaces

  • agree on a development pathway

A primary focus for us is to develop a sound relational database design - it's like building the foundations of a building. If not done properly, the system will never be robust.

Contact us now if you would like to discuss.

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