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Medsyn’s expert software developers have been helping New Zealand businesses operate faster and smarter for over 18 years.


We specialise in developing software and databases for medical and healthcare providers and have created dozens of successful systems – on time and on budget.


Having operated as Data Synthesis since 1996, we re-branded as Medsyn in 2011. Our new brand reflects our specialist focus and expertise in developing systems for the medical and health sector. Low overheads means savings for you . Our award-winning team of developers, programmers and designers works remotely so we avoid the overheads of running a large office. We pass these savings on to our clients, offering premium IT and software development services at reasonable prices.


Minimise risk

We understand the critical importance of reducing risk in systems handling confidential and timely data. This drives our commitment to developing robust, secure and reliable software systems.


Medsyn provides easy to use systems that:

  • automate repetitive tasks

  • allow searching and editing

  • enable accurate reporting

  • seamlessly link to other systems

  • provide a foundation for research projects.



The security model we use for our web applications is proven secure. A recent security audit by on one of our public facing websites resulted in no critical or severe vulnerabilities.



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