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Frequently asked questions


What do I get with my custom database?

We generally provide a framework made up of our proven building blocks, including:

  • Security and user roles

  • Search and filtering

  • Edit / adding of new records

  • Report menu, options to export to Word, PDF, Excel or printer

  • Administration, with maintenance of users and look-up tables


We then add the necessary functionality to meet your requirements, and this might include:

  • Specific screens and reports required by your application

  • Branding with your logos and style

  • Interfaces to other systems

  • Import of existing data

  • Document management

How do I know it's going to work?

Firstly, we make sure the relational database structure is sound. This represents the foundation of your system, and if not designed properly, it will never be robust.


To do this, we analyse your requirements, then develop an early prototype. This is reviewed with the client, and refined or modified where necessday. Once the database design and prototype are approved, we continue with the development of the full system


The next stage is to put it into a test system. Feedback and iterations of the design is done until user acceptance is gained. This included verifying imported data from existing systems (if applicable)


After user accpetance, we plan and implement into the live system.


We have got a home grown database: it's a real mess & the developer has left. Can you help?

Probably !


We have applied our BulletProof service to many Access based systems, and wrapped them up in our robust framework.


We would need to analyse what state the system is in, and what amount of modifications and enhancements might be needed. Click here to get started.

How do we decide what technology to use?

In general, you can use this guide:

  • Small workgroup, within your business: Microsoft Access

  • Larger workgroup, within your business: Microsoft Access and SQL Server

  • Intranet or web access required: Microsoft .NET and SQL Server


How does the billing work?

Normally we quote for project, then invoice based on:

  • 35% on project acceptance and prototype development

  • 35% on setting up initial test version

  • 30% on go-live


Each payment is made on acceptance by the client. If, for whatever reason, the project needs to be cancelled, then subsequent payments are waived.


We provide the first months support and maintenance at no extra cost.


Monthly support and maintenance is payable one month in advance. If you decide not to take up a monthly plan, we can provide support on a time and materials basis.

What does support and maintenance do you provide?

Peace of mind that your system is supported and kept up to date. In particular:

  • Manned telephone support 

  • Monitored email support to our helpdesk: 

  • Remote assistance using remote desktop and a Virtual Private Network where available 

  • Planned or emergency onsite assistance (extra costs apply) 

  • Monthly system health check 

  • Bug fixes

  • Analyse new requirements


Our on-line helpdesk lets us proritise and keep track of issues. Clients can also access the system, to review and update support tickets.

Do you have a terms of business and support agreements?

Yes, they are available in PDF format here:

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