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This is a developer tool for use within the healthAlliance network. It allows MS-Access and other applications to connect to and read patient demographics and event data held by the three Auckland regional hospital patient management systems.

Develop applications that:

  • avoid double-entry of patient demogrpahics

  • accurate linking to the correct patient

  • avoid double-entry of patient visit data

  • accurate linking to the correct encounter / visit



A few lines of code is all it takes, for example:

    Dim client As MedSynHealth.client

    Dim Patient As MedSynHealth.PatientDemographics


    Set client = New MedSynHealth.client

    Set Patient = client.GetResponse(strNHI)


    Me.txtGivenName = Patient.GivenName

    Me.txtFamilyName = Patient.FamilyName

    Me.txtGender = Patient.Gender

    Me.txtEthnicity = Patient.Ethnicity

    Me.txtDomicile = Patient.Domicile

    Me.txtDoB = Patient.DOB  


MedsynHealth.dll.......................  $500
Source code (C#) .......................  $3,000


Prices in NZD, excluding GST.

Includes a sample Access application with code to:

  • Pass patient NHI as a parameter, return demographics

  • Pass patient NHI as parameter, return a list of hospital encounters for a date range

  • Pass Encounter number, return encounter details

  • Validate NHI numbers

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