MedSyn software

Whether you are a small therapy provider or large hospital, Medsyn can help you manage clinical information, client information, notes and research data, easily and efficiently.


We specialise in custom built databases for small workgroups. Our extensive library of reusable software building blocks helps keep development costs down.


Modifications, upsizing and remediation of existing systems. Convert to 64 bit Access for Office 365 / Windows 10.


Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, .NET, Access, Office

Based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Get in touch for a no obligation chat to see if we can help develop your new database.


Phone 027 2768 447
             +64 27 2768 447



Cloud based systems

Where access is required form any achine or device, or within your intranet. We specialise in Microsoft ASP.NET, SQL Server and Reporting Services.

In-house systems

For smaller workgroups and limited budgets. We specialise in Microsoft Access, SQL Server and integration with Office (Outlook, Word and Excel) 

Our initial consultation is without charge (Auckland region), and lets us get an understanding of your computing problem.

From there we will give a proposal for analysing and developing a solution that will work.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

1. Custom built databases

2. Web applications

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing