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Azure, SQL Server, .NET, Access

ACC invoicing system for a District Health Board
Automating a complicated process to inprove accuracy and reduce staff time spent processing surgical claims

Raw data is extracted from a data warehouse then classified according to business rules as to whether the surgical costs can be invoiced to ACC

Tracks progress of each claim, creates electronic forms and invoices for upload to other systems. Create XML and CSV files to avoid re-entering data into separate accounts receivable and ACC invoicing systems.

Provides a range of reports and alerts. Integrates with Windows for security and provides roles for different users.

ACC invoicing system

Azure hosted system to track counsellor sessions with clients, for a nationwide counselling group

Features workload screens, document maanagement, SMS reminder messages, reporting and analytics.

Azure SQL Server, .NET, BLOB storage and Azure Active Directory for authentication and role management


National spleen register
Clinical registry for people who are living without a spleen (asplenia) or have a poorly functioning spleen (hyposplenism)

Web based system to track clinical data, and to provide access to education and information on how to reduce the risk of infections.


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